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Another excellent Stallman talk

Check out this video of Richard M. Stallman speaking to an audience at the University of Calgary. It’s long, but it’s well worth watching: the most important thing about hearing RMS talk is that he points out how plainly ridiculous and abhorrent the behavior of certain companies and politicians is. The things that he talks about are plain facts, not propaganda, and it’s only denial that keeps people from recognizing that we let people trample our basic freedoms in the name of convenience. He also points out how effective it is not to complain or simply steal in the name of protest; it’s much better to follow the model RMS has for the past twenty-five years, and turn our backs on these people (i.e. use free software).

The great thing about this particular talk is that he talks about much more than software; he spends a lot of time talking about the nature of copyright, the publishing business and the recording industry.

Watch and learn!

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