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Totem Youtube Plugin

My favorite media player right now is Totem or “Movie Player” as it appears in the menus. I’ve been listening to music at work using Totem for weeks now and I like it better than Rhythmbox or Amarok, or any of the mpd or xmms2 clients.

My other major music player has been Mozilla Firefox, where I can look up plenty of videos with good sound quality on Youtube. My current favorite performer, Kate Bush, has tons of live performances and videos on Youtube with (as I said) good sound quality. Not great, but listenable. The biggest problem, however, is that I can’t use my keyboard “media” buttons to control the videos in any more than the volume, and pausing them requires switching to another desktop. This wouldn’t be so if Youtube hadn’t done away with the popup player; they’ve brought it back for some videos, but it doesn’t quite work the way it used to, which was annoying. At least with the popup player I could search videos from a small window and keep them on the same virtual desktop as my work. This is not so much so I can see Lady Gaga prancing around, but just to be able to control the videos and maintain my precious economy of motion.

However, today I discovered the Youtube plugin for Totem. I can’t even remember what I was looking for — I think it was visualizations — but “yum search totem” turned up the Youtube plugin, and away I went:

# sudo yum install totem-youtube

(remember that I’m using Fedora). Now you can search and play Youtube videos directly from Totem, play and pause them with the media buttons. Excellent!

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