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Net Updates

It’s about time for an update on various cool websites I’ve found. One is DuckDuckGo, a new search engine that really works well. I’ve been using it in deference to Google. DuckDuckGo has a lot of cool features, including nice keyboard controls and a really nice way of presenting results. It also checks for alternate meanings of your search terms and presents them in “disambiguation” format right away. It’s a good mix of the concepts of ask.com and Google. Check it out.

I’ve been searching for a good Web Portal and have been giving Netvibes a good try. It’s really easy to configure and has it’s own Javascript audio player (that really works in Firefox). It also has a Firefox add-on that saves RSS feeds to your home page. Check it out.

Another site I’ve been using for a while now is StackOverflow. This site basically hosts programming questions, but it has a really interesting way of rewarding good answers. I’ve really enjoyed using it. I’d say it’s the best of what Javascript has to offer, i.e. it’s not annoying and doesn’t kill my browser, unlike other websites.

In other news I’m getting back into Scheme programming, more on that later.

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