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Gwene (via minor emacs wizardry)

Now this is something I’m going to check out. The creator of Gnus and Gmane has now brought us an rss reader that uses nntp.

Gwene Gmane is by now a very important piece of my Emacs life. It allows me to get postings to lots of mailing lists using NNTP, i.e., using Gnus, i.e., in a way fully integrated with the "information retrieval and massaging" engine i've built around a handful of Emacs packages and elisp snippets (one central actor among them being org-mode). Another important (if only due to its volume) source of incoming information are RSS subscriptions, to which i … Read More

via minor emacs wizardry

  1. August 11, 2010 at 10:05

    After playing with Gwene for about thirty minutes, I realized that I actually don’t like reading RSS in Emacs or as email. I’ve been using rss2email for a few years, and it has always resulted in me browsing through the messages to see a few that I might read. That’s right: browsing. So the tool for that is a web browser. I promptly created a new dashboard on Netvibes and put my journals and other scientific stuff there. I’m really enjoying it so far.


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