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The Subject of Suicide & Why I’m Alive Today (via jolieodell.com)

Suicide is a subject that has probably affected most of you reading, although most people I know are not willing to admit its impact on society. If you have or you haven’t been affected by someone’s suicide, you should read what Jolie O’Dell has written about her own struggle and her own suicide attempt. Normally after reading something like this I would say it’s inappropriately personal, but I’m finally believing that the web is a new, appropriate medium for us to share what people need to hear. (note that I said “the web,” rather than “Facebook”) Please read it.

UPDATE: If you're struggling right now or have questions that you're afraid to ask, you can ask me anything anonymously on my Formspring page. I'm not a professional, but I'm here for you, and I'd like to help if I can. Earlier today, I read this post, a reposting of a suicide note. A programmer I'd been introduced to took his own life. My hands shook as I read it because about two and a half years ago, I wrote almost the same letter, myself. Bil … Read More

via Jolieodell.com

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