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The New Research Blog

Hello there.  I’ve started a new blog that will focus on scientific outreach.  I’m taking the suggestion of Jai Ranganathan and Scifund: scientists should make their work clear and available to people who are interested.  Scientists should have fans, so in true scientific spirit, I am doing the experiment. Even if I don’t get fans of my own research, I might help create fans of evolutionary biology.  I was a fan when I was a kid and now look where I am.

The audience for the new blog will be what the NSF calls “technically literate” people, i.e. people who are smart enough to understand science, but who perhaps haven’t spend their entire lives on it like I have.  I want to point out that my audience will not strictly be scientists, although I will be directly commenting on primary research.  Scientists should feel welcome to comment, but you may have to wade through some jargon-free, and some purely didactic, passages.  My two main goals with respect to content are to inform people (interested readers, my friends and family) of what I’m doing in my dissertation research, and to comment on current research that’s directly relevant to mine.  I hope this will give non-scientists an idea of how science happens.

I will save my opinions and technical discussions for this blog.  My most-read topics are purely informational, so I will be toning down the opinions anyway.  If you want to read something about Emacs, expect to find it here.  If you want to read about science, go there.

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