Hiring Joel J. Adamson

If you like the writing you see here and at Sexual Selection and Life-History Evolution, then consider hiring me to write for you. I am available on a freelance basis for several kinds of projects:

  • Editing: if you have a thesis or scientific manuscript that needs work, you may consult me. My scientific publications have appeared in medical and scientific journals, and I am well-versed in scientific style. You can see a list of my publications at my homepage
  • Technical/scientific: you can find the best examples of my scientific writing at my other blog Sexual Selection and Life-History Evolution
  • Free and Open Source Software: this blog contains several articles on using Emacs, setting up GNU/Linux systems and other howtos. I have been an exclusive GNU/Linux user for eight years, and Emacs user for nine years, and a Unix/Linux user for over twenty years.
  • Reviews: I read a lot and listen to a lot of music, so I am happy to share my opinions on written and recorded works. At Amazon.com, you can find some of my reviews:
  • Opinions and essays: I’ve got plenty of these, one of the most popular has been a post on the varieties of Buddhist experience
  • Fiction: I also write stories

If you enjoy my writing and think I could help you achieve your goals, please contact me. If you are located in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont, I am also available for local work in statistical consulting.

Thanks for reading.

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